Marvin Sease Character ‘Mr. Jody’ is One of Blues Music’s Greatest Tricksters.

( the Black storytelling and musical tradition one of the enduring characters is the trickster. In storytelling, the trickster often uses their wit and wiles to gain an advantage or overcome a challenge. In the blues, the trickster is often taking someone’s woman or man from them and taking them straight to the state fair—if you catch my drift. 

Marvin Sease Character ‘Mr. Jody’ is One of Blues Music’s Greatest Tricksters.

You’ll hear many tunes in all forms of blues with the philandering trickster stealing hearts, sleeping in their opposition’s bed, and oftentimes being so shrewd as to just be there for slap and tickle. They don’t even want the relationship, they’re just there to get some stink on their hang-low, to quote fellow Alabamian Conrad Thompson. 

Marvin Sease was known for these kinds of songs. As a matter of fact, many of his most popular songs are of this ilk. While this was the late singer’s wheelhouse, he also balanced it with songs about the risk of losing his own relationship. 

It’s the dance that many blues musicians go with in their storytelling. It’s not the only thing they have on them but it’s a popular theme and are some of the songs that have lasting impact. 

A Blues Trickster: Mr. Jody the Candylicker, the Motel Lover 

One of Marvin Sease’s most popular songs is “Candylicker”. As the name suggests, it’s about cunnilingus by Sease’s persona of “Mr. Jody”. In the song, Mr. Jody is introduced as not being “ashamed no more” and how he wants to do all the things that a woman’s lover “never did before.” 

That’s all Mr. Jody needed to get in the door! That’s it! He’s pitching woo at some lady who has a man at home but apparently, he’s lacking performance-wise. He’s not bringing everything and the kitchen sink and we don’t know why. 

As I said before, I love storytelling and I’d love the backstory on why these women are entertaining this bespectacled, slick-haired homewrecker—but he’s getting it done and that’s the important part of Mr. Jodi’s story. 

He doesn’t care why she’s here. Oh, he probably knows why but he determined that wasn’t important to the story and I’ll give it to him. What we do know is how the Mr. Jody character goes about his deeds, he found a market, and he’s in there. Just thriving, folks. There are some unsuspecting nuggets of wisdom in there. 

But ultimately, Mr. Jody is like relationship scab. “If he won’t do it, I will damn it!” 

“Motel Lover”, a song with a similar bounce and energy to “Candylicker” is another adventure for Marvin Sease and his Mr. Jody character. I’d say that this one features more storytelling with the scenario being set and why they have to meet at a hotel.  

If you’ve only heard “Candylicker”, you might think that Jody is just rascally cheater. With “Motel Lover” we find that Mr. Jody can’t meet with this woman at his house for reason. It’s a sliver of backstory but hey, he can’t canoodle with women in the house he lives with his old lady or wife. He’s something of a man of honor even though as he admits in the song they’re “playing a dangerous game.” Now, the persona isn’t played up as much on this track but it’s very much a Jody track. However, if you need something with a little more bite—more attitude—”I’m Mr. Jody” is a banger where he lays down the business and tells the listener what he’s all about after telling the husband of one of his ladies to basically deal with it. 

In that song, we find that the man’s wife has been spending his money on clothes and the like for Mr. Jody and the scoundrel is unrepentant. It’s a great song worth checking out and probably my favorite of the three main Mr. Jody tracks. 

Check them out and let us know some other Marvin Sease tracks you enjoy. Also, let us know what other blues singers you enjoy and would like to be explored! 

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