About Us

This blog was created to unite Black Rockers around the subject of Rock and Heavy Metal music from a Black perspective. This is a safe space whereby black men and women can interact freely about a genre of music that is seen as taboo or not so much a part of the Black experience.

TheBRHM will allow us to explore Rock and Heavy Metal music, as well as the nuances of such from our perspective. Though Rock and Heavy Metal have often been labeled a White genre, here we can discuss the many different influences Black people have contributed to this genre. This blog makes the black position a priority which is greatly missing in this area. Feel free to tell us about your favorite Rock and Heavy Metal bands, and songs.

This site is also here to offer the latest in Rock and Heavy Metal news, and music. The BRHM will offer you different analysis on the latest music, and some of your favorites.  It will explore the differences, and updates in the genre. It will be a place whereby you can engage in conversation, and debate, with our writers about the ins and outs of your favorite songs & artists. This site was created for us, and the commentary will always remain centered on us. Feel free to be a proud Rocker on TheBRHM where the Black Rock and Heavy Metal rule. 

Rock On!